Happify Challenge: Think of a time when your strengths actually hurt you rather than helped you. Did you get too brave and end up saying more than you should have to your boss? Did prudence keep you from feeling the thrill of letting go? Or maybe you attribute success so often to your team that you forget to accept kudos for your own accomplishments. This week think about what you learned from that experience—and how you can dial down that particular strength in similar situations and replace it for a more useful one. Strengths are most valuable when you use them to your advantage!

Challenge Accepted:  My compassionate nature has gotten me into a couple bad situations throughout my life.  From giving my underwear to a girl in elementary school who had none (yep meant I went without for the day), to giving my hand sewn barbie clothes to friends because they liked mine better (my mom was angry that I gave away her hard work), to giving away so many possessions, to money, to free time to clients, to allowing people to move in with us.  Each time was well intended but I tended to pay the price one way or another.

I always want to help.  But sometimes it’s at my own expense and well being. I do need to keep an awareness that sometimes I am being used and accept that I have to sometimes say no.  But knowing me I will probably accept the risks anyway.


Our happy girl Heidi.  Another compassionate soul 🙂





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