All this happiness must have put some good energy out.  I was just praying yesterday again as I have done since July, asking God if He still wanted me to keep going in my business. I won’t go into detail, but as He always does, He confirmed He is in control.  “OK God, I will continue to wait in faith. You will provide for my needs”.  I once again repented for my doubt and let it go. I reminded myself once again that He saw the whole picture, I didn’t.

I have devotional app on my phone that displays daily verses on my sleep screen so I see God’s word first thing when I wake up.

This morning’s was:


I felt even more at peace with just letting it go.  He doesn’t want me to try to figure it out, He wants me to let Him do His will, which is for my Good.

And then as the day progressed, He proceeded to opened the floodgates. I got a referral for another client’s payroll.  I also got an email from an existing client that they need to fill the office manager position and wondered if I would do it full time.  I told them I couldn’t based on my existing client load but I could give them 20 hours per week.  They want me to start the 4th of April. A steady income to carry me through the inconsistencies of my other clients.

I want to say once again, that I am honored that I am able to hear His still small voice.  I am honored that He is working things out even when I can’t hear Him or see anything happening. It has been I think my very faith He was strengthening, when things have appeared hopeless from my point of view.  I also know if things don’t work out for this job, He has a purpose for everything.


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