Tips & Tricks

Things that help me navigate life.

I have learned in the office and especially now that I am running a business that there are certain tricks and technologies that are invaluable… They also help in my daily home life as well….As I utilize them I will add them to my list below. Please note: none of these are new or unusual.  Just beneficial when constantly utilized.

Emailing & Texting are vital to my business conversations.  My poor memory makes for retaining verbal conversation very difficult.  I generally request that those I work with correspond in writing if possible.  Nothing is worse than having an objective assigned to you or an important discussion and then you can’t recall the details or get them confused.


Google Calendar is a god send.  It is accessible via computer or phone and it has become an invaluable asset.  From a calendar for employee schedules, Dr appointments, reminders, client schedules, etc. I need to have everything in 1 location for ease of reminding. The biggest challenge is consistently using it.


The Jiffy timer app has been so helpful.  I am terrible about writing down my start and stop times for clients.  Keep it in the front screen and it is an easy click to start or stop time.  Great for keeping track of your own time almost like a check in for accountability.


For meetings or conversations, a notebook is a great asset.  Often I can verbally go in a different direction or speak too fast or cover too many topics for anyone to follow me.  I found through a suggestion of a friend that a notebook is so helpful to write things down in lieu of speaking during those times.  I can then email correspondence about the meeting when I’m in a better frame of mind or often when I review my notes at a later time, I may not address any of it as it really isn’t relevant.

Another helpful use is to write down what you are hearing.  In one on ones I often write down what I hear and generally repeat back what I wrote down.  Due to my mind often being in overdrive there is quite a few corrections to my notes.


Alarms are great for reminding me to eat or an hour before any appointment or task. For appointments, I set for 1 hour before then again for 30 minutes, 10, and actual time. During manic or depressive episodes, time often is an enigma.